Posted on Feb 6, 2020

Hit Me SEO - Local Search Engine Optimization

Your website success in today's digital age is heavily dependent on having good, readable, keyword-rich content. Of course, this is not the same as repeating the same keywords. Instead, it is about ensuring that your keywords relate well to your given subject matter or content topic. Importantly, there is a key way of going about this.

We use particular optimization tools as a part of our highly effective strategies. We use a combination of statistically improbable phrases and semantically related to drastically improve search engine rankings. Statistically improbable phrases (i.e. phrases that do not appear in conjunction with other online subjects) are great for helping Google quickly identify the topic of a given page.

Still, as useful as they are, many SEO's simply have no idea what statistically improbably phrases are. This helps Hit Me SEO to set your content apart and allow you to enjoy a huge ranking factor. Learn what we can do for you! Call today! (240) 477-7085
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