Knowing how to do SEO is time-consuming, and it is usually unworthy of your time since you could pay somebody else to do it and make more money off of the business that they are sending to your company.

Furthermore, you have to be extremely careful when you are trying new practices to get you...

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Should you do your own SEO?
The short answer is no, and this is why:
Hit Me SEO professionals invest hours and hours researching the very best methods to optimize your website, the most efficient keywords to target, and the very best methods to improve your online presence away from your s...

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SEO means search engine optimization. Each time I discuss SEO with my friends and household, I constantly get blank stares since no one appears to understand exactly what it is.

This is the description I provide them: You understand how Google has hundreds of pages of sites for all the search...

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Search engine optimization services are identified and customized based on your current business needs. Some of the basic SEO services include SEO copywriting, internet marketing, website optimization, link building, social media optimization, reputation management and much more. Each of the serv...

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Search engine optimization is an imperative part of digital marketing, and it is crucial to be used by any business who wants to scale new heights in online marketing and search engine rankings. Quality SEO services can be provided only by a professional and experienced SEO company. Contact Hit ...

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Even if your business is growing, bad site design can hold you back from controlling your market. And just because you’ve got lots of clients now doesn’t alter that developing your web presence is among the most important actions you can take for your company’s future.
Local SEO is exceptionally ...

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Best SEO Consultant


Looking to take your business to a new level in 2019? https://www.hitmeseo.net/ - Talk to what many consider to be the best decision they have made for their business....hiring Hit Me SEO. Give the experts at Hit Me a call today at 240-477-7085

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There once was a day when a company had to be listed in the real Yellow Pages to matter in this world. The real Yellow Pages was the only way that a business could be found by people who were looking for the type of services that they provide. Today, the real Yellow Pages is now Google. Google i...

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3 months ago
I’m very pleased with Hit Me SEO; I firmly believe they are one of the better SEO companies. Tim Marose, and his team, work persistently to make your website visible on Google. This is a constant battle when your company is in a flooded industry. Although, Hit Me SEO knows exactly how to create a viable search which is crucial in a highly competitive field.
- Mark K
7 months ago
We have been working with Hit Me SEO for nearly 7 years, and we are really happy with the search engine optimization they have done for our plastic surgery office and medical spa. There are a lot of people that offer SEO for plastic surgery, but very few deliver the kind of results that we have seen with Hit Me SEO. They are attentive to our requests, they are committed to our success, and we have seen consistent results through the years even with all of the changes to search engine optimization for plastic surgeons. They have helped us with our paid search program and also designed a beautiful plastic surgery website that we are proud of, and it has provided us with a great conversion rate. If you own, manage, or operate a medical center that offers plastic surgery, Hit Me SEO is an online marketing company you should call. You will be happy with your results!
- Jessica M
3 months ago
Tim's expertise in SEO issues is quite amazing and I am glad to work with him for my business.
- Kwame B

Turn Your Website Into A Lead Machine

The only thing that used to matter when it came to search engine optimization was how well you ranked for a specific keyword or phrase. In the past, when we ranked #1 for the keyword phrase "SEO in Maryland" we felt like we owned the state of MD and nothing else mattered. To be perfectly blunt, it made the phone ring a few times but we didn't generate all that much business from that phrase. We found that most of the people who were searching for that particular keyword string were other SEO agencies in Maryland all looking for bragging rights. While the keyword phrase still mattered to us, we knew that there were so many other opportunities to take advantage of and drive traffic, sales and leads. 

We still kept an eye on a few keyword search phrases, but we started to expand and look at other opportunities. We wanted to find additional ways to drive relevant website traffic, and our goal was to make sure it was good traffic. We preach it to our clients every single day...it is not the amount of traffic you drive to your website, it is the amount of relevant traffic from people interested in buying the products and services you have to offer.

We are now in a completely new world when it comes to online marketing. The word SEO has become somewhat outdated. Search engine optimization is a piece of the puzzle, but it is not the only piece that matters.  Now we talk about:

Don't misunderstand the message. We are not getting away from search engine optimization, but in the past, it was the primary focus of everything we have done. Now, it is part of our digital marketing strategy in order to capture relevant traffic from a number of searches. 

To learn more about the online digital marketing strategies we use at Hit Me SEO, give us a call at (240) 477-7085.

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